From my terrace in Madrid.

What could be better than fresh lemonade?

Or a bowl of cold cherries?

The "lady bug"! Cut loads of watermelon into chunks and freeze them for an hour. Dont even remove the seeds as they are edible. Then put the half-frozen watermelon in a blender and add fresh lime juice (2 tablespoons).

Papaya is so cooling, I could eat it everyday.


  1. Love your watermelon recipe! Oh I can just feel its cool goodness in my mouth. All the pictures are cooling.....ahhhhhh

  2. I think I need to buy some watermelon!!!!

  3. Hallo there!
    Thankyou for your kind comment over at my blog. Your painting is very beautiful.

    I wonder how you found my place? The blogsphere quite astounds me with it pathways!

  4. Beautiful paintings. The watermelon thing sounds divine.

  5. Welcome to the land of Blog~ Your work is beautiful.
    You have created a kind of oasis here. I made mint lemonade yesterday too. Funny how interconnected our lives can be, from so many lands, all around this beautiful earth. Tis a pleasure to meet someone with such a rich appreciation for beauty and magic~

  6. Now that's what I call living! ; )


  7. Simply nice to find you. I too used to be an illustrator, painter, and I am learning how to paint again after a stroke. I am a grandma with one of them in Barcelona......or Greece for the Summer. How hot is it there?

    Keep painting.......such magical things these are. I feel the heat.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have beautiful work.I assume you will be painting in Portugal?

  9. Dear Celeste,

    Your food pictures are gorgeous. The directions for the watermelon sloshy is divine and soon to be made at our house (probably tomorrow).

    The painting of Don was done with watercolor pencils. Here is my secret. I find a photo that I've taken that I like, convert it to a coloring book style, print it, and then paint. I'm actually not quite finished with this one yet; I think it needs more depth. So, I'm letting it cook for a bit (so to speak) and then I'll finish it up.

    I may not be on a motorcycle this time around as we drive over the Siskiyou Mountains, but I'll lower the window and let the wind blow through my hair for a bit and wave to you across continents and oceans.

    Be well,

  10. Belas fotos...conseguiu fazer inveja a todos nos!As imagens certas na altura o calor!

  11. It is truly wonderful sharing all this with you. Thank you for this fabulous blog! I too will try the watermelon drink tomorrow! David will probably love it!
    All your cooling thoughts are really cool! And I still love that painting of Mateus, "my" painting!