"Veranda", oil on canvas, 117X113 cm

"Guincho Beach", oil on canvas, 100X90 cm

It is hot in Madrid. Hot as in flames. Hot as in burning. Hot as glued to the sheets during sleepless nights. The air outside the window hot as dragon’s breath. Insufferable.

So I am dreaming of the freezing sea in Guincho beach in Portugal, of my walks there at 7 a.m., the beach to myself, the sound of the waves, the cries of the seagulls, my dog chasing them, running after then when they lift off and fly over the sea, brown dog hurtling into the waves, wishing he could fly too.

I am also dreaming of sitting on my veranda with a book, and a bowl of strawberries, gazing at the sea below, the cool breeze, the birds singing, the smell of cooking bread in the bakery next door.

Soon I will be leaving for Portugal to spend July and August. In exactly 10 days and 7 hours from now.

Until then I burn in Madrid.


  1. I think these are my favorites so far! I love these paintings! The bowl of strawberries - was that a photograph or a painting? I love food and I love pictures of food. ; ) Combine beautiful food and the ocean and you have my perfect art!

  2. Your excruciating burn in hot Madrid becomes our visual pleasure. Lovely image of strawberries; so inviting against that deep blue. And as always, your paintings shimmer with life.....

  3. tenemos un "handicap", podemos vivir sin el mar, pero no podemos disfrutar tanto como con el mar. Tu, tienes una ventaja, exprimes su falta para producir buenas y saladas vibraciones, hummmm y presentaciones exquisitas

  4. Dear Celeste, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I am delighted to meet you. I've already done a scan through your beautiful paintings and look forward to seeing more and visiting more.

    I just had a friend return from Portugal in January after a six month stay. He loved it.

    Motorcycling is Patagonia! Sublime thought.

    All my best,

    June 18, 2009 12:18 PM

  5. As you burn in Madrid and you cool us with these images of the Guincho, I actually hear the wind blowing there, and see you with your arms open, on the beach, facing the sea, the wind blowing your hair back, cold sprinkles of sea foam flying at you, smiling, a magnificent manifestation of Humankind, you are Woman!
    Ah, the power of your images!!!
    Thank you, Celeste!
    All love,